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Jazz for Tots:

   The Jazz Workshop, Inc. program initiatives consist of Jazz for Tots, which is designed specifically for children between the ages of 3-6. These children are taught the fundamentals of music, which includes rhythmical movement, thus, enhancing their cognitive motor skills. Vocal instruction and the use of hand held instruments are incorporated into the curriculum in order to facilitate ear training; which assist in the development of listening and communication, and dexterity; which strengthens muscle development. Parents are encouraged to participate.

    Once graduated from Jazz for Tots, the children are able to participate in music lessons such as piano, brass, woodwinds, percussion, advanced vocal, and/or strings.

Classes Offered:


Piano   Drums / Percussion   Voice  


Bass   Guitar   Brass   Reeds   Woodwinds


Jazz Ensemble   Improvisation   Theory Classes

Music concepts   Performances   Master Classes   Music Business

Classes are every Saturday 12-5PM.  Jazz for Tots 12-12:45 PM

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Jazz Workshop, Inc. JAZZ FOR TOTS

Posted by Jaki Young on Monday, January 25, 2016
    Our instructional programs not only provide lessons for youth of all age groups, adults as well benefit from the our instructional model.  All students are provided the seeds for self-efficacy, self-esteem, and clear vision of creativity; that elevates, and instigate, constructive behavior patterns within the youth's psychosocial development, and the adult acquires a sense of  confident community building. 

    Research studies find that music lessons prior to age six enhance brain development, and with continual hands on application, students who have this advantage are found to perform better academically and socially!

    Student recitals are held quarterly in order to give the participant an opportunity to display their talents and to gain experience in performing before a live audience. Our professional music instructors intertwine literacy and math within the learning syllabus, while simultaneously provide motivation and incentives to achieve the skills necessary for playing music, and enrich constructive character growth.

    Unique to the Jazz Workshop Inc. is the big band. Students are able to participate in the band and learn how to read music and to improvise. The band consists of both young and mature working musicians who collaborate and perform for local community events.